Public Events

Need dancers at one of your public events?? Litefeet can bring dancers to you! Weddings, festivals, street fairs, fund raisers.... you name it and we'll bring the dance to you! With our fun, enthusiastic team we will liven up any event with music, dance lessons or even just fill in the dance floor with some of our crew! Call to find out how we help can bring your next event to life!


"Life isn’t about surviving the storm. It’s about learning to dance in the rain."

Throughout history we have see dance transform lives and bring light into dark places and times. Today, dance continues to bring people together and prove to be a way for us to let ourselves escape from the struggles of life. Dance allows us to truly become our best selves in the most basic form, and it becomes a space that holds no judgement, only the beauty of the art itself. Don’t just survive the storm, instead harness its power, lightening your feet and allow yourself to breath in the beauty of your true self.


Don't just take it from us.. here is what some of our students have to say about their experiences learning to Dance with Litefeet!

Trish C.

"It's perfect. Thank you for all the support you give our local's beyond appreciated!"

Sarah B.

"These dance instructors are absolutely amazing! You will be inspired and encouraged!"

Amanda M.

"LiteFeet will always guide you to find the light inside of yourself."